Client Service Representative

Abby Buchholz grew up in Neenah, Wisconsin, with a big family of five kids and lots of pets. Having dogs and cats in the house greatly influenced her interest in working with animals as a career. As a child, her St. Bernard named Maverick, and her favorite cat, Smudge, was her best buddies.


Practice Manager

Megan Fassbinder is the Practice Manager at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital. She grew up in Randolph, WI and currently lives in West Bend. During her school years, Megan enjoyed traveling and playing sports – especially volleyball and basketball.


Veterinary Assistant

Cozzi Larsen has lived in West Bend, Wisconsin, her entire life. She worked hard and saved her money so that at just 23 years old, she was able to purchase her first home. Her two-bedroom condo is now filled with many furry, feathered, and finned friends!


Client Service Representative

Melissa grew up in Waukesha County. She has always had a passion for animals. She began volunteering at local rescues; even becoming a foster parent to pets in need of “at home care”. She learned a lot about animal care and dealing with a variety of medical/health issues that affect pets.


Veterinary Assistant

Hailee calls Waukesha home. She traces her desire to work with animals to the time when she was a young girl and watched Animal Cops on TV with her father. The stories of animals in need always “tugged at her heart”.


CVT Manager

Molly was born and raised right here in Menomonee Falls, where her grandmother’s intrinsic connection with nature and wildlife had a profound effect on her.


Business Manager

Growing up in West Allis with her family, Jennie Gross was always around pets. She remembers loving tagging along with her parents to the vet’s office. She was even put in charge of the class turtle in 6th grade!


Certified Veterinary Technician

Nicole is a native of Glendale, Wisconsin but having lived a number of other places in Southeastern Wisconsin. Majority of her spare time during her growing up years revolved around horses.


Certified Veterinary Technician

Julie and her family immigrated to Wisconsin from Sydney Australia, when she was a very young girl. She grew up spending time in nature; exploring the natural wonders Wisconsin’s woods have to offer. She did this with “boots on the ground” and also by air (more about that later 😊).


Veterinary Technician

Back in grade school, Sara was always the one volunteering to watch after the class pets. For as long as she can remember, she’s had a longing to be involved in animal care!


Certified Veterinary Technician

Kaity was raised in Arlington Heights, Illinois by her mom and dad. She has both an older and younger brother. Kaity has always had a love of animals, but she credits Winston, her hairless Guinea Pig, with helping her find her career calling.


Veterinary Assistant

Sheila grew up in Wauwatosa, WI, in the same home her mother was raised in. As an only child, she spent thirteen years playing the violin. Sheila’s interests include art and music, reading comic books, and hiking every weekend.


Client Care Coordinator

Kara was born and raised in Menomonee Falls, WI, where she lived with her mother, father, and brother. As a shy teen, Kara spent her time raising Betta fish, eventually filling her bedroom with fish tanks.


Certified Veterinary Technician

Sheri, as with all of our team, grew up having a universal love for animals. Some of her most treasured and impactful childhood memories involve helping an uncle with raising chickens and dogs. Growing up Sheri would have never envisioned herself working in the medical field.


Veterinary Assistant

Originally from Franklin, Tennessee, Karissa now lives in Menomonee Falls.


Animal Ambassador

Apollo joined the Brook-Falls animal ambassador team in June 2021 to help educate clients and the community about how bearded dragons can make unique and wonderful scaley pets!


Veterinary Assistant

Kate grew up in Kansas with her sister and her parents. Early on, Kates’ parents instilled a love of animals and the natural world in her. Kate’s desire to help animals, both pets and animals, live healthy lives led her to pursue a career in the veterinary field.


Client Service Representative

Lisa grew up in the Village of Whitefish Bay with her father and brother. During her childhood, she also spent a lot of time up north at her mom’s rural cabin. As a young girl, Lisa played soccer and did gymnastics with her friends.


Veterinary Assistant

Mallory grew up in New Berlin, WI in a family of five including her older brother and twin sister. Mallory has always been the animal lover in her family. She credits this to her grandmother and great-aunt, who taught her the power of empathy for animals.