Certified Veterinary Technician

Sheri, as with all of our team, grew up having a universal love for animals. Some of her most treasured and impactful childhood memories involve helping an uncle with raising chickens and dogs. Growing up Sheri would have never envisioned herself working in the medical field. “I had a huge fear of needles. Even talking about injections would make us upset “. Sheri had a strong desire to work with zoo animals; in order to do this, she knew she must face her fears. Sheri started by obtaining a job at a veterinary clinic, as a kennel attendant. The first day was rough. “I almost passed out.” Sheri persevered and was discovered a true calling. Within 1 month Sheri had moved to work in the medical portion of the practice and within another 3 months, she had moved to do emergency work. “It was a full year before I placed my first IV catheter; now it’s my favorite thing to do.” Sheri had found her niche.

While working at a veterinary ER facility, Sheri began formal training in veterinary sciences, earning her Veterinary Technician Certification. Sheri stayed in the veterinary ER field until an opportunity to work as a veterinary technician at the Phoenix Zoo arose. She spent 3 years working at the zoo caring for the different species and seeing to their health care needs. Desiring to be closer to family, in 2018 Sheri accepted a CVT position at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Sheri thoroughly enjoyed her time in zoo
medicine but felt it was time to return to private practice and put her technical skills and knowledge of exotic species to good work.

Sheri is a dedicated and caring professional. “I love developing relationships with my patients and clients – it’s what keeps me passionate and driven.” While working in the veterinary ER field Sheri was faced with nursing a young puppy suffering severe kidney damage due to infection with Leptospirosis. The puppy was gravely ill, to the point of needing dialysis to remove toxins from the body in order to survive. Sheri was able to help the family to understand the need and the risks of this type of treatment. The owners consented to therapy with reassurances from Sheri. The pup spent another 2 weeks in the hospital; going on to make a full recovery. Sheri still keeps in touch with the owners of this lucky pup.

While not working at Brook-Falls Sheri can be found spending time with her family and her boyfriend Joe (a zookeeper) and an aging Terrier mix who stole her heart while she was in Tech school. Sheri is an avid photographer. Some of her favorite subjects are newborns – she fondly remembers one happy couple who drew eyebrows on their new addition for the photoshoot. She also enjoys horseback riding but admits – “I don’t do it very often.”