There are plenty of reasons why responsible, caring pet parents may find bringing their pet in for veterinary care to our hospital difficult. High on this list is often it’s that you’re simply too busy with all of the other important tasks you’ve got going on in your life. Whatever the reason, we here at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, offer two additional services options, a pet drop off service and pet house calls, to assist you to getting your pets the care they need.

Pet Drop Off Services

Having a busy day but your pet needs veterinary care, either an annual exam or is experiencing a medical problem that needs addressing right away? Skip the waiting room! Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital is happy to offer a pet drop off service (for an additional fee). You can call to schedule this with one of our customer service representatives.

One of our certified veterinary technicians can gather some information when you drop the pet off, or if you are in a hurry they can reach you by phone later to do this. At a later time, a veterinarian will examine your pet and then contact you regarding their findings and with what diagnostic procedures or treatments are in order. A discharge time will be set up for you to collect your pet later in the day.

You will meet with either the doctor or the technician who helped with your pets care and go over any needed instructions or medications. No hassle and no waiting!!

Pet House Call Services

Additionally, Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care is happy to offer house calls as a service to our clients, on a limited basis. We feel, we can offer our clients and their pet partners the best care when they are in our facility where we have full access to a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic options. We do recognize that there are times the best care to our clients and their pets is served by preforming a house call.

Appropriate times for house calls may include:

Multiple Pet Households

End of Life/Euthanasia

Pets with extreme anxiety /fear

Aviary/Herpetologic Collection Inspections

We invite you to give us a call and discuss, with one of our customer service representatives, your unique situation and see whether this convenient service would be a good fit for you and your pet.