Brook-Falls Laser Therapy Laser therapy has been embraced as a highly effective treatment modality in human medicine for decades, and now that same innovative technology can be utilized for our animal family members as well.

Nobody wants to see their pets in pain, but discomfort and pain are things that accompany many medical conditions, as well as recovery following injury or surgery. Laser therapy can help to provide relief to your pet so they can live a more comfortable life.

Laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive, drug-free treatment modality that has been proven to reduce pain, improve mobility and speed the healing process. The procedure involves the use of a deep penetrating light that causes the release of endorphins in your pet’s body. These endorphins, sometimes referred to as the “feel-good” hormones, result in a decrease in pain without the need for drugs or surgery. Laser therapy also stimulates injured cells, causing them to heal at a faster rate. In older pets, or animals that suffer from certain painful and/or debilitating medical conditions, such as arthritis, use of a therapeutic laser can be extremely effective in relieving aches and pains, allowing for more mobility and an improved quality of life.

Some of the conditions and disorders that respond well to laser therapy include:

  • Arthritis/degenerative joint disease
  • Post-surgical pain relief and increased healing
  • Ear and skin infections
  • Wound healing
  • Lick granuloma
  • Gingivitis/stomatitis
  • Insect bites/stings
  • Lacerations/abrasions
  • Bladder infections
  • Burns
  • And more…

If your pet suffers from any of these conditions or just appears to be experiencing pain, discomfort or reduced mobility, don’t let them suffer a moment longer. Ask us today if our therapeutic laser can help.