Hearing the words: “Your pet needs veterinary surgery” can be a frightening time for most pet owners. After all, your pet is more than just an animal. They are a part of the family. You want to make sure that your companion will be kept as safe and comfortable as possible and will be well cared for throughout the process.

Regardless of whether the surgery is routine, like a spay or neuter, or something more complex and medically necessary, you probably have a lot of concerns and questions. We understand the feelings of concern and uncertainty you’re experiencing because, while surgery is something we deal with every day, it’s not something you or your pet have to worry about often. Let us set your mind at ease and deliver an exceptional, stress-free experience for you both.

Our licensed veterinarians are skilled at performing a wide variety of veterinary surgery services, with nearly 50 years of combined experience. Each surgery is performed in our state of the art surgical suite using cutting edge technology and the most modern surgical techniques. From the moment you drop your pet off until it’s time to bring them home, your companion will be in caring, capable hands with our dedicated team!

Prior to surgery, your pet will receive a thorough exam and a series of diagnostic tests. We want to make sure that he or she is healthy enough before we proceed, and determine whether any special precautions should be taken to keep your pet safe during the procedure. This is especially important for older pets and those that suffer from existing medical conditions. We never want to place our patients at risk, and we’ll take every measure necessary to ensure their well-being at all times.

Once we get the green light to proceed, we’ll develop a customized plan to manage your pet’s pain that is tailored to his or her unique needs. We want to keep them as comfortable as possible, while also reducing risk. During surgery, our veterinarians will work diligently to complete the procedure as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our team of well trained veterinary technicians and assistants will remain on hand to assist with surgery and to closely monitor your pet’s vital signs and pain control.

When surgery is complete, we’ll move your pet to our recovery area and contact you to explain how everything went. In many cases, your companion will be ready to go home the same day as surgery. We’ll let you know when you can come retrieve your pet as soon as we determine it’s safe to do so. When you arrive for pick up, we’ll spend some time discussing our postoperative care instructions, which may include pain management to help your pet recover comfortably at home.

After returning home with your pet, should any questions or concerns arise, do not hesitate to call us. No question is too small or insignificant when it comes to your cherished animal family member. If you just found out that your pet needs surgery it can be a scary time. Let us set your mind at ease and provide you both with a positive, stress-free surgical experience. We’ll have your companion fixed up and on the road to a full and speedy recovery in no time!