Life Skills, Wellness, and Enrichment

Why are dog training in Menomonee Falls classes at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort so unique? Our classes are unique because of our three-step approach to training, including life skills, wellness, and enrichment.

Life Skills

lifeskillsWhat are life skills, you ask? Well, let’s delve a little deeper into the subject. At Brook-Falls we consider a dog’s life skills to reflect how they act throughout their environment. Do they wait calmly to be let out of the front door? Are they pulling their owner down the street during their daily walk? How does the dog do when it comes to polite greeting behaviors towards humans and other dogs? These are some of the many topics we address in classes here at Brook-Falls.

Starting with the basic cues of ‘Focus’ (getting your dog’s attention) and ‘Sit’, we work our way up the ladder to ‘Down’ and ‘Drop-it’. Obviously having a good ‘Focus’ cue means you can get your dog’s attention in public and then transition that into another command such as ‘Sit’, while waiting for traffic to clear. ‘Down’ is a great cue to have on hand when you have company over for dinner, and you don’t want your dog looking longingly at your food on the table.

If you have a shoe thief in the house, you’ll definitely want the ‘Drop-it’ cue ready. For help with that daily walk, loose leash walking is the way to take the pressure off your aching arms. The ‘heel’ is an advanced cue that will have your dog stuck to your side like glue.

Other cues like ‘Wait’ and ‘Leave it’ will teach your dog to have impulse control, and the ‘Come’ cue will make sure you can call your dog away from dangerous situations. Last but not least, in our list of life skills is the ‘Stay’ cue. Have you ever wished you could send your dog to their bed and have them lay down there until you release them?

If any of these situations sounds like a scenario you would like to achieve in your daily life with Fido at home, join us in one of our pet dog manners classes soon.


wellnessWellness is a near and dear topic to us at Brook-Falls Pet Resort because we want to make sure our participants are healthy in both body and mind. The wellness portion of our classes at Brook-Falls range across all aspects of Veterinary medicine. Since I started working with dogs on the clinic side of things, I believe it is essential to cover these topics so dog owners can enjoy as much time with their beloved pets as possible.

Health starts with a good diet and we cover why not to follow the grain-free fad and the brands of dog food that Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital recommends. When it comes to our dog’s minds, we discuss how to prevent fear and promote socialization in our puppies from the time they are itty-bitty. Suggestions for potty training and kennel training are also discussed in class.

Ensuring our dogs are happy and healthy by spaying and neutering at the proper time is also important. We will address what age is best for your puppy to have surgery and what to expect on the day of the procedure. Vaccinations are a life-long part of our dog’s health regimen to protect not only them but our families as well.

Two of the required vaccines to participate in class protect both dogs and humans, alike from Rabies and Leptospirosis, which are zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic means that dogs can pass the infection on to people and vice versa. Other vaccines required like Bordetella, K9 Influenza, and Distemper only affect our canine population but are just as essential to receive to keep our best friends healthy and happy.

And the last of our health topics discussed in class is dental hygiene and when and how to start routine brushing. Yes, our dogs need to brush their teeth, but it’s important to start at the appropriate time. Keeping your dog’s teeth free of tartar will make sure their gums are healthy and keep them from developing side effects like tooth loss and heart disease as they age gracefully.


enrichmentEnrichment is another way to keep our dogs’ minds happy and healthy. Topics discussed regarding enrichment range from exercise and dog sports to food puzzle and desensitization games. Exercise is an integral part of everyone’s life, so why not have some fun with it and enroll your dog in a sport. There are many different options out there to suit all breeds and age levels. There are more sedate options such as obedience trials and barn hunts, as well as the high energy sports of agility and fly ball that will get anyone’s heart pumping.

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Perhaps you could try one of the many food puzzles listed on our activities list. Maybe you have a shy puppy that needs a confidence boost. Giving him or her a desensitization game may bring them out of their shell. Want a date night, but you’re worried Fido might destroy the house when you leave? Join us for discussions on how best to train kennel acceptance and lessen separation anxiety. The original Kong toy can be a great distraction device, and we can help you get the most out of them with filling suggestions and techniques.

Contact Brook-Falls Pet Resort & Doggy Day care today to see how we can enrich your dog’s life by teaching life skills and manners, educating on how best to keep them healthy, and fill their days with fun through enrichment activities and brain games.

Meet Amy, Our Certified Pet Dog Trainer

amyAmy Shepherd is our Certified Pet Dog Trainer and our Enrichment Coordinator. She has been a Client Service Representative and Veterinary Assistant with Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care for over 5 years.

Before coming on board with Brook-Falls, Amy was living in South Carolina, where she worked for a veterinary hospital and pet resort. While there, Amy taught basic obedience classes at the resort when she wasn’t working in the hospital. Amy has always been interested in training all types of animals and has experience with dogs, cats, and horses.

She has a BA in Equine Business from Midway University in Kentucky and has recently been certified in canine training certification. Amy lives in the Menomonee Falls area with her dog Lux and three cats. In her free time, she likes to dabble in photography and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Puppy & Adult Dog Training

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Our Puppy training classes are on Saturdays. Please check the training calendar for exact class days and times. Owners can come and go as they please to expose their puppies to socialization, play enrichment, and wellness topics.

Ages 2 – 4 months of age

Each class is 45 minutes in length. Owners must call each week to reserve their space in class and make payment. The Owner can also reserve their spot during the current session.

Your Puppy Will Receive:

  • Play Enrichment
  • Manners
  • Games
  • Plenty of time for owner-driven Q&A
  • Socialization Skills
  • Potty Training & Crate Training Education
  • Anti-Biting Education

Basic Manners

Most every “Basic Manners” Class fills up quickly. If you are interested, we encourage you to secure your spot now.

New 8-Week Course

Ages 4 months and up

Agility For Fun

This class exposes the participates to the different activities of Agility.  It is not a competition, but a peek into what it might be like. 

Please check the training calendar to find out when our next Agility for Fun class starts.

Basic Obedience Cues of SIT, DOWN, WAIT/STAY, and COME must already be comprehended by the participants.

Fear Prevention Class 

10-week all-inclusive class series. Contact us if you are interested in enrolling in this specialty class.