Pet Resort Attendant

Jill grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin.  Growing up with animals and her love of going to the Milwaukee county zoo has inspired her to work with animals here at Brook-Falls.  No matter how bad of a day she has, her animals always know how to make her smile.  Seeing a dog wag its tai


Pet Resort Attendant

Madeline grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. She was influenced at an early age by the likes of Steve Irwin and David Attenborough to want to help animals in any way possible. For her, she saw no other option than to live her life helping animals.


Pet Resort Manager

Val grew up in Kenosha, but was born in Chicago. She had a dog named Sidd when she moved out on her very own and he was her best friend. Her relationship with Sidd caused a deep human animal bond that forever changed her life.


Pet Resort Attendant

Katie hails from Menomonee Falls and at five years old she was inspired to work with animals when her family adopted 2 guinea pigs that she learned to care for.


Enrichment Coordinator

Amy Shepherd, our Certified Pet Dog Trainer and our Enrichment Coordinator. She has been a Client Service Representative and Veterinary Assistant with Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care.


Pet Resort Attendant

Kay hails from Menomonee Falls; she has lived here all her life. Animals have always been an interest for her. Her family “always had a dog or cat in the house.” She grew up enjoying reading stories about dogs and horses.


Pet Resort Attendant

Jenna grew up in East Troy, Wisconsin, until moving to Menomonee Falls with her boyfriend. Jenna started her veterinary career path by dog walking, pet sitting, and working at boarding facilities. She is now an attendant at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort and Doggy Day Care.


Pet Resort Attendant

Kellie grew up in Menomonee Falls and is currently attending Marquette University. Kellie knew she wanted to work with animals when one day at her friend's lake house she went for a walk and stopped by a neighbor's house to pet their dogs.


Assistant Trainer

Ashley is a Pet Resort Attendant at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort & Doggy Day Care. Growing up in West Allis with her mom, dad, and brother, Ashely had many pets, including dogs, cats, lizards, guinea pigs, snakes, and birds.


Pet Resort Attendant

Mason grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin, with his mom, an avid marathon runner, and dad, who has completed an Ironman competition and is currently working on his second competition.


Pet Resort Attendant

Lexie is the daughter of our long-time certified veterinary technician – now business manager Jennie Gross. To say, Lexie’s life has been filled with animals is no exaggeration.


Pet Resort Attendant

Morgan was raised in West Allis, WI with her mom, dad, and younger siblings, Aaron and Audrey. As a child, she had such a strong bond with animals that her family gave her the nickname Snow White.


Pet Resort Attendant

Liz is from Menomonee Falls, WI. She is interested in working with a variety of species and their personalities. Each animal has something to teach us and she can't wait to learn more from them all. Her cat Crunchy loves treats, rolling on her back and venturing outdoors while supervised.


Pet Resort Attendant

Kyle was born and raised in Wisconsin where he lived with his mom, dad, and sister. Kyle’s family always had a house full of pets. From a young age, Kyle’s family instilled in him to do the right thing by animals and people, without exception.


Pet Resort Attendant

Jordan moved around a lot as a child, but states that she mostly grew up in Arkansas. Her high school home was in West Bend, WI. Jordan is inspired to work with animals after rescuing "bait dogs" that were used for dogfighting in the south when she was growing up.


Pet Resort Attendant

Kaelie is a Menomonee Falls native. She has always loved animals as far back as she can remember. Her ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian. When she was younger she was known to be the family "animal whisperer".


Animal Ambassador

Lou, an African Grey, joined the Brook-Falls animal ambassador team in August of 2021 when her owner, and long-time Brook-Falls client, passed away. Parrots can make wonderful, talkative pets, that bring laughter everywhere they go.


Animal Ambassador

Mumbles, an Umbrella Cockatoo, joined the Brook-Falls animal ambassador team in August of 2021 when her owner, and long-time Brook-Falls client, passed away. Parrots can make wonderful, talkative pets, that bring laughter everywhere they go.