(testing to become CPDT -KA)

Assistant Trainer

Ashley is a Pet Resort Attendant at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort & Doggy Day Care.

Growing up in West Allis with her mom, dad, and brother, Ashely had many pets, including dogs, cats, lizards, guinea pigs, snakes, and birds.

Early on in life, Ashley realized that she wanted to help animals when learning about animal cruelty and experiencing it herself when she was riding a bike and came upon a group of teenagers kicking a cat. Ashley jumped off her bike and protected the cat until the teenage boys left the scene. She then begged her parents to take the cat to the veterinary clinic. That day, Ashely knew her purpose was to protect animals.

After working in customer service for many years, Ashely realized she was unhappy and moved to work with animals. Once she toured Brook-Falls pet resort, she and fell in love with the facility and has been with us ever since as a pet resort attendant.

She takes great pride in training dogs in our daycare facility and loves to see the smile on their parents face when their pet learns new tricks.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys art and cosplay. She shares her home with Akela, her mini husky, her cat Anubis, Felix her Maine Coon, and her Dachshund Lily.