Pet Resort Attendant

Mason grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin, with his mom, an avid marathon runner, and dad, who has completed an Ironman competition and is currently working on his second competition.

Mason is close friends with his sister Ashley, whom he admires for her creativity and prop design and makeup application skills. As a child, Mason was a superhero fan and loved to draw and spend time outdoors.

Mason is fascinated by and loves learning about different breeds of dogs. This intrigue was sparked by his dad’s American Bulldog, who is often mistaken for a Pitbull. The unfair glances and judgment of the loveable dog made Mason want to learn more and educate the public about the importance of fairness to all animals.

As a Pet Resort Attendant, Mason loves expanding his knowledge and helping pets have fun and stay safe.

At home, when he’s not working on graphic design, Mason spends time with his pets. His cat, Felix, loves food and other animals and is a big softie. Anubis, the cat, is shy initially but can be affectionate after she opens up to you. His third cat, Lily, loves being outside and craves attention. Finally, Mason’s dog, Akela, loves to cuddle and is extremely loyal.