Pet Resort Attendant

Kyle was born and raised in Wisconsin where he lived with his mom, dad, and sister. Kyle’s family always had a house full of pets. From a young age, Kyle’s family instilled in him to do the right thing by animals and people, without exception. Kyle wanted a job he found to be fulfilling and meaningful, so he applied to work at Brook-Falls where he currently works as a Pet Resort Attendant. His favorite thing to do is go above our guest's basic needs of care and offer them an emotional connection of being cared for because they all deserve the best we can offer.

Kyle prides himself on his positive outlook. A defining moment that reflects the power of positive thinking is when he was very young. His family cat was taken to the vet and the family was told that he likely only had a short time left, as he was getting old. The family rallied around the cat, keeping him active and caring for him. He lived for much longer than expected.

Kyle has a Chocolate Lab named Toby. Toby is constantly loud and excited. Kyle loves how active Toby is and says exercising with his dog makes him feel good. He also has an extensive array of fish that he describes as “food motivated”. They just love to eat!

In his downtime, Kyle enjoys the outdoors by going fishing by boat with his dad and trap shooting for his school sports team.