Pet Resort Attendant

Jenna grew up in East Troy, Wisconsin, until moving to Menomonee Falls with her boyfriend. Jenna started her veterinary career path by dog walking, pet sitting, and working at boarding facilities. She is now an attendant at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort and Doggy Day Care.

Jenna says her inspiration to work with animals really emerged when she adopted her own dog, Colt. Colt came home to live with Jenna at eight weeks old, and she has trained him herself. Jenna loves the energy dogs bring and enjoys working with them because she is constantly learning new things from them and about them. She says they simply warm her heart.

When Jenna isn’t at work, she is either spending time with Colt, playing fetch, or walking. When she’s not entertaining her dog, she focuses on growing in her career because working with dogs is what she loves to do.