Pet Resort Attendant

Jordan was born in Arkansas, but was moved around a lot during her childhood between Wisconsin and Arkansas. Her high school home was in West Bend, WI. Jordan is inspired to work with animals after past work with abused and neglected dogs and helping them look at the world differently even after all the bad things they have been through.

Jordan's goal in life, is to show animals how to be loved and let them know that they deserve to be loved. She enjoys learning about dog training and animal behavior. Jordan dreams to expand her animal knowledge by someday owning her own rescue for abused animals.

Jordan has a 4-year-old cat named Sunday that acts like a dog most of the time. Sunday weighs in at 28 pounds and loves playing fetch, begging for food, and cuddling with Jordan's daughter. Jordan's daughter Mia is her biggest supporter and the one who keeps Jordan going day after day She has the biggest heart filled with love and inspiration.

When Jordan has some "downtime", she enjoys spending time with her daughter by doing something outside on nice days or having girls’ day inside during bad weather days. They also enjoy to travel, and visit family down in Missouri and Arkansas.