Pet Resort Attendant

Morgan was raised in West Allis, WI with her mom, dad, and younger siblings, Aaron and Audrey. As a child, she had such a strong bond with animals that her family gave her the nickname Snow White.

Growing up, Morgan’s aunt had an exotic pet – a hedgehog. Morgan developed a fascination with him and cherished time playing with and cuddling him. She currently has three pets of her own. Her four-year-old dog, Finley loves chasing birds and going on walks. Morgan credits Finley with keeping her energized! Phoebe, her two year old cat, sleeps a lot and always seems to be curled up in odd spots around the house. Quimby, her one year old hamster, literally runs on his wheel all day long.

Morgan now works for Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort as a Pet Resort Attendant.

She chose a career with Brook-Falls because she just wanted to be happy to come to work every day!

When Morgan isn’t actively playing with her pets or working with yours, she loves to dance and go to camp. She also enjoys getting to know new people – especially her teammates.