Veterinary Assistant

Ashley was born and raised in Milwaukee. Her family (Brad, Natalie, Jeremiah & Matthew) loved to do a lot of traveling when she was younger and she also participated in her track team high jump. In high school, she volunteered at the humane society and felt a strong sense to help those who can not speak for themselves. When her family dog (Misty) passed away she realized how deeply she loved animals.

Aspiring to be as amazing to animals as they are to us, she decided to make it a career to help animals every day. Cheryl Bohling CVT and Dr. Schuh were two amazing women she worked with at her first veterinary practice, who encouraged and nurtured her potential. They walked her through blood draws, wrapping packs, and expanded her overall knowledge of animal care further inspiring her to grow which lead her to Brook-Falls.

Currently, she enjoys assisting with animal surgery and working with feral/fractious cats. She feels that oftentimes feral/fractious cats are just misunderstood and she likes to show them that she cares and means them no harm.

Ashley has 2 cats (Runty & Hunter). Hunter was adopted from Dane county humane society. He was found as a stray. He loves attention. Sometimes he knocks things over just to get her to pet him and show him some love. Runty was rescued from her grandpa's barn. Runty has a birth defect affecting both back legs, but she doesn't let her disability stop her from enjoying life.

In her free time, Ashley likes to travel and see the world. She has only traveled outside the United States into Canada for a few hours, but would like someday to go to Costa Rica to see "Land of the the strays". In the meantime, Ashley enjoys kayaking and hiking to see nature's beauty.