Certified Veterinary Technician

Nicole is a native of Glendale, Wisconsin but having lived a number of other places in Southeastern Wisconsin. Majority of her spare time during her growing up years revolved around horses.

Her exposure to veterinary medicine began at the young age of eight. Her mother was working at an equine veterinary facility. Nicole was able to observe a surgical procedure performed on a horse to correct an abdominal ailment. This experience left a lasting impression on this young girl. It sparked a strong interest in veterinary medicine; in particular surgery and anesthesia.

“I have a passion for helping others, especially those, who cannot help themselves; which is our patients.”

Nicole went to a local technical college for veterinary assisting. She was hired at the veterinary hospital where she did her in-clinic training as an assistant. Over the next two years by keen observation, through hard work and countless hours of studying on her own; Nicole achieved a remarkable goal, in such a short time. She took and passed the national certification exam to become a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT).

“My absolute favorite place to be at work is in the surgery suite. I love providing the best anesthetic protocol for our patients, so they can quickly return to normal life activities. When I can, I enjoy scrubbing into surgery and assisting; it is awesome to partake in the actual surgery.”

Nicole is married to an accountant/CPA, Michael, who shares her passion for travel and “seeing new places.” They share their home with two cats who are by no means aloof. Kiki is a tabby “who loves to snuggle and talk.” Maui is an adventurous tabby who loves exploring heights and playing with any and all toys.

When not at work or traveling, Nicole is an avid gardener. Her favorite flower is the orchid! Currently she has 10 of them; “of course they all have names!”