Animal Ambassador

Dexter joined the Brook-Falls animal ambassador team in September 2021 to help educate clients and the community about how milk snakes can make unique and wonderful scaley pets! Ultimately, he helps educate the importance of research before bringing home a new friend to ensure you can provide a healthy and appropriate environment for them to thrive in.

Dexter hatched and was purchased from a pet store in 2009 as a young snakelet. He lived with his previous family for 12 years, exploring and maturing into a sweet-natured snake. When his previous family caught word that Brook-Falls was looking to add another animal ambassador to the team they inquired about having him join our educational crew so they would still be able to see him and get updates on him when they bring their other furry critters in for veterinary care at Brook-Falls! Both his gentle and curious nature has piqued the interest of many and has helped us teach so many what great family members snakes can be with proper care.

Snakes also have lots of important health requirements to know before bringing one home. It is important to avoid feeding live prey as there is a risk of the prey injuring the snake, feeding thawed prey is a great alternative. Like most reptiles, it is important to keep their enclosure temperature regulated. During the day the enclosure temperature should be kept 100*F-105*F at their basking site and never less than 80*F on the cool side of their enclosure.