Certified Veterinary Technician

Sheila grew up in Osceola Wisconsin with her mom, grandparents, and 2 siblings. She has always loved animals as far back as she can remember. Growing up one of her favorite shows to watch on television, was Animal cops. Sheila loved the idea that the cops on the show became the voice for the animals that had none. Seeing the good that people can do as the voice for animals inspired her to start her journey to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She attended school at Globe University in Woodbury Minnesota where she then had an externship in Stillwater Minnesota. During her externship that Spring, she passed her VTNE to become a CVT.

Sheila has 3 areas of veterinary medicine that inspire her every day to do the very best that she can. She loves preventative care, client education, and surgery/dentistry. Where she grew up routine veterinary care was not most people’s priority. Preventative care means that she also gets to educate clients while advocating for patients’ health. The relationships she has made with clients in the best interests of their pet is the second area that drives her passion to help animals. It feels good to work together with owners with a common goal of wanting to do whatever possible to help keep their animals as healthy for as long as possible. Her third area of passion for helping animals is surgery/dentistry. Whether a procedure is routine or not, it is very satisfying to be a part of the process to better the pet’s health and attempt to increase the longevity that they have with their owners.

Sheila has a pup named "Dino" who she describes as an absolute “goofball”. He loves squeaky toys and playing fetch. However, when they play fetch, he rarely ever wants to give the ball back for her to throw it again. He can be very nosy and must follow her around the house to see exactly what she is up to, and he thinks that every piece of mail is his bark box. She describes him as only slightly spoiled.

In her “down-time”, Sheila loves a good book, jewelry making, and hiking. She admits some books she can finish in a day and others can take her the whole year. She has a vast collection in a variety of genres. “You can’t beat a good book!” One of her favorite hikes, she discovered by accident when she was living in Osceola. This hidden bluff trail is the perfect area to hike and take some time to reflect by sitting on the bluffs and just enjoying the beautiful view.