Veterinary Assistant

Hannah, a West Allis native, carved her unique path into veterinary care, gaining hands-on experience at an emergency critical care/ICU hospital without formal schooling. Her childhood, filled with animal companions, sparked a passion for veterinary medicine.

Witnessing the compassionate care of Ginny, her family horse (who battled severe colic) at the hospital inspired Hannah to dedicate herself to animal well-being. In her work, she delights in the diverse personalities of animals, from the friendly to the shy.

Motivated by experiences in critical care, Hannah goes beyond the basics, finding reward in seeing animals overcome challenging odds and walk out of the hospital.

Currently Hannah shares her home with KiKi, a rescued Quarter Horse, and adopted kittens Newt and Nellie, along with Loki, a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd cross.

In her downtime, Hannah enjoys the therapeutic escape of snuggling with her kittens and immersing herself in the calming atmosphere of the barn, where the demands of veterinary medicine dissolve, allowing her to recharge and find balance.