Certified Veterinary Technician

Molly was born and raised right here in Menomonee Falls, where her grandmother’s intrinsic connection with nature and wildlife had a profound effect on her. As a child, Molly couldn’t be contained in the house—she would always be outdoors, chasing butterflies and searching for lost or injured animals. Molly’s passion for animals, wildlife, and caregiving never wavered; now, she’s a Veterinary Assistant here at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital!

Molly was still in high school when she began volunteering at her local Humane Society and a nearby pet resort. After working in several more animal care positions around town, she found her way to the Wildlife in Need Center (WINC) while finishing up her biology degree at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. The connections she formed at WINC, as well as her newfound passion for exotic medicine and wildlife rehabilitation, led her to Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital!

As an Assistant, Molly particularly enjoys radiology work and helping out during avian appointments. Most of all, she likes learning more about animal medicine every day alongside her caring, compassionate coworkers.

At home, Molly and her husband, Zach, live with two pets: Pluto, a beagle who loves a good towel rubdown after he’s been outside in the rain, and a bearded dragon named Mushu who was adopted from an exotic pet rescue operated by a friend of Molly’s. When she isn’t spending time with her beloved critters or caring for pets here at the hospital, Molly enjoys camping, canoeing, hiking, going birding with her high-end camera, and giving her time to animal rescue efforts. She still volunteers with WINC, and even fosters Eastern Cottontail rabbits in her home!