Veterinary Assistant

Megan grew up in Waukesha, WI. During her exploration to help animals, she attended Globe University - Madison East. She can NOT remember a specific experience that lead her to want to help animals, it was just something she has always wanted to do. She feels that she was just born to help animals.

One of Megan's favorite parts of veterinary medicine is getting to know pet owners over time. Building a relationship with not only the pets, but also with the people. By getting to know both the pets and the people, she can advocate for their human/animal bond experience throughout their entire lifetime. Being available to nurture that bond until it comes time to visit the rainbow bridge.

Megan owns a Boston Terrier named Tootsie. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world is to pick up random objects around the house and bring them to Megan. Tootsie knows that these objects are not something that she is supposed to have, but she just can't help herself. She doesn't eat the objects, she just finds them, picks them up and carries them to Megan. These objects range from coins, hair clips, and even energy bills. The adventures of Tootsie are amazing and bring a lot of laughter to their relationship.

When Megan is not in the clinic, on her quiet days, she loves to be outside enjoying the sun while reading fictional mysteries, fantasies, or thrillers. In the Summer months if she is not reading a good book, then she is off shooting sporting clays with her supportive family. Her dad Chet and brother Chester are pillars of support in her life. Megan's mother Kristen passed away in 2020, but her memory lives on. Shooting sporting clays was her mother's favorite activity and now Megan shoots her firearm to carry on her memory.