Veterinary Assistant

Cozzi Larsen has lived in West Bend, Wisconsin, her entire life. She worked hard and saved her money so that at just 23 years old, she was able to purchase her first home. Her two-bedroom condo is now filled with many furry, feathered, and finned friends!

Currently a Veterinary Assistant at Brook-Falls, Cozzi is also enrolled in school at Penn Foster to get her degree. She wants to increase her responsibilities and her knowledge by becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. Cozzi has loved animals since she was very young and is always trying to help them. As an example, when Cozzi was a little girl, she saw a squirrel whose back legs were hurt. As Cozzi picked it up, it bit her! But, fortunately, that day she also learned that squirrels rarely have rabies. This experience was just the beginning of her passion for rescuing animals.

Working with animals is what makes Cozzi happy, so it felt natural for her to combine her love for animals and her desire to help them into a career. For her, the job at Brook-Falls never feels like work, but a pleasure. In addition, everyday experiences such as taking walks, watching television, going to the movies, or socializing with friends are always made better for her when animals are involved.

Although Cozzi is fairly new to the veterinary field, she’s already making a difference. She loves meeting the wide variety of animals that come to Brook-Falls every day and learning something about each of them.

Even in her spare time, Cozzi loves to be surrounded by animals. She has four rabbits: Buster (the very first pet she ever adopted) and Dusty, his wife. Then there’s handsome Henry and his wife Luna, whom she affectionately calls Tuna Bear. She also has four birds: two cockatiels – one named Peanut, who is very friendly and loves going for walks, and his companion Peach who loves head scratches! Then there’s Jeff and Zak, a pair of finches. She completes her pet family with a fish called Admiral Pebbles!

Cozzi is very happy to be part of the Brook-Falls family and looks forward to working with all the animals and their families.