Pet Resort Business Manager & Marketing Manager

As a kid, Holly knew her pets always had her back. If she had a bad day at school, felt like crying, or didn’t want to talk to her parents, she could spend time with her dogs. They were always there for her no matter what, and she soon realized she wanted to give back that affection for a career! Now she has served pets and their families as a Certified Veterinary Technician for over a decade.

Holly grew up in West Allis. During high school, she volunteered at a cat clinic and spent a lot of time at her uncle’s farm. She attended Madison Area Technical College’s Veterinary Technician program to become certified and has worked with Drs. Follett and Bloss for 14 years.

Holly lives with her husband Rory, her son Blake, and two daughters Chloe and Alaina. The family has one dog, Ryder, and four cats, Eugene, Pascal, Meowser, and Gryffindor. In her free time, she enjoys shooting trap and archery with her family.