Certified Veterinary Technician

Sarah grew up just outside of Chicago.  She has been blessed to have a wonderful expansive family that has never ceased to support her.  They have been alongside her through every part of her life including her decision to study in different states.  Her education brought her to Carroll University where she gained a bachelor of science in animal behavior.  She then acquired her associates degree in applied science for veterinary technology from Tomball Lonestar College in Texas.  It was never a question of whether she would work with animals but instead, what would she do with them.  

The opportunity to help pet parents learn how to best care for their beloved companion animals drives her passion.  The constant advancements within the field motivate her to keep up her rigorous studies so as to provide the best care for your pet.  She wants to empower clients to live their best lives with their pets by sharing the knowledge she gains.  She loves learning something new every day!

Sarah has an awesome snowshoe Siamese cat named Zefram Cochrane, (the inventor of warp drive in Roddenberry's masterpiece).  He is named in honor of the great creator of Star Trek.  Sarah loves Star Trek and many other Sci-fi television shows!

In her downtime you can usually find her creating something.  She uses many mediums.  She believes that art can be found in paint, clay, wood, or even trash.