Client Service Representative & Veterinary Assistant

Melissa grew up in Waukesha County. She has always had a passion for animals. She began volunteering at local rescues; even becoming a foster parent to pets in need of “at home care”. She learned a lot about animal care and dealing with a variety of medical/health issues that affect pets. Her passion for animals and a desire to work with them as a career lead her to a first job in a pet resort/ doggie day care. She credits that experience with helping her to learn more about animal behavior and it gave her an opportunity to work with the public. Melissa found she thoroughly enjoyed talking with pet owners and “sharing their experiences (regarding their pets) and providing them resources they can use to give their pets the best quality of life.”

Melissa continues to volunteer at a local rescue and participate in various community pet related organizations throughout the year. “I always meet so many great people and dogs with whom I share experiences and learn from too!”

Melissa lives with a “foster fail”- Sophie Jean, a spirited Chihuahua mix that required several surgeries to correct a congenital knee problem. She also has an aging miniature schnauzer -Macey Jane, who has recently gone blind but has “been adjusting well”.

Owning pets with health issues requiring veterinary care and working with the veterinary teams in rescue/shelters gave her a great appreciation for veterinary medicine and what owners experience when their pet is in need. These experiences also serve as great qualities to have in a Customer Service Representative.