Client Service Representative & Veterinary Assistant

Abby Buchholz grew up in Neenah, Wisconsin, with a big family of five kids and lots of pets. Having dogs and cats in the house greatly influenced her interest in working with animals as a career. As a child, her St. Bernard named Maverick, and her favorite cat, Smudge, was her best buddies. Abby is an alumnus of Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN, where she played soccer all four years. During that time, the team traveled to Spain, and Abby was awarded a 3-time Honorable Mention for Conference. She even got to travel to Canada in 2015 to see the Women’s World Cup.

Abby is a Client Service Representative (CSR) at Brook-Falls. She’s one of the first people that clients see at the front desk when they arrive and the last person clients see as they leave the clinic. Abby knows how important her position is in helping animals and their humans feel comfortable and welcome, answer any questions, and set up appointments. She enjoys the preventive care aspect of this position. She also appreciates the challenge and learning feature of doing blood draws and observing how the Vets care for each animal.

Her professional experience began with an internship at the Minnesota Zoo working with birds. This was just the start of Abby’s passion for helping animals. She went on to work at the Wisconsin Humane Society for four years. One of the many experiences she had was helping to care for Maytag, a cat found in a dryer vent at the Humane Society. Maytag had burns and an injured tail, and Abby said it was rewarding to see how they could save its life, along with many other animals, throughout her time there.

Abby feels that because animals can’t talk, it is wonderful to speak for them. She understands the joy that animals bring to their humans and wants to make sure they live a long and healthy life.

When she’s away from Brook-Falls, Abby and her husband, Kevin, enjoy the great outdoors and living with their pets. Their two dogs, named Bourbon and Kahlua, love to play outside with their Frisbee and eat snow! Their two cats, Pumpkin and Pepper, prefer to stay indoors, snuggle, and play with their spring toys.

Abby is very happy to be part of the Brook-Falls family and looks forward to meeting everyone.