Veterinary Assistant

Cheyenne grew up in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.  Growing up with animals and learning that one of her family pets was sick inspired her to learn everything she could to try and help him.  She used that inspiration to pursue a path in veterinary medicine to help more animals like hers. She attended the veterinary technology program at the Milwaukee Career College.  

Seeing improvement after helping an animal with treatment is greatly rewarding.  Cheyenne loves to see the joy in animal lives.  Anything she can do to make things better and happier drives her heart to continue her passion in veterinary medicine.

Cheyenne currently has a Bull Terrier named Princess that loves to spin in circles and go for walks.  A Ball Python named Nagini likes trying to slither up her walls.  A Bearded Dragon named Mushu that loves the attention she gets when she lays on your chest while you are working.

In her downtime, Cheyenne loves spending time with her dog and "teaching an old dog, new tricks".  Her family has been supportive of her career and she would like to give a shout-out to her stepmom for helping her to learn animal behavior and care from a young age.  Her mom for always being in her corner during school and her father for always helping to keep her calm no matter the circumstances.