Client Service Representative

Lisa grew up in the Village of Whitefish Bay with her father and brother. During her childhood, she also spent a lot of time up north at her mom’s rural cabin. As a young girl, Lisa played soccer and did gymnastics with her friends. Lisa recently made a career change after deciding it was time to follow her passion for animals. Lisa currently takes online courses in pursuit of her Veterinary Assistant degree and works at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital as a Client Service Representative.

Lisa adores working with clients and their humans. She especially enjoys meeting new people and hearing funny stories about their pet’s silly antics. She is enamored with birds and raptors. Lisa has attended numerous Raptor Shows and hopes to one day participate in one! She is an avid bird watcher. She’s seen the rare pileated woodpecker, ospreys, and bald eagles.

In her spare time, Lisa loves spending her time outdoors, hiking, and kayaking. After losing her 19-year-old Kitty, she adopted a new cat, Shadow. Shadow meows back when Lisa talks to her and loves snuggling at night. Lisa looks forward to dog and horse sitting for her parents when they travel.