Veterinary Assistant

Hailee calls Waukesha home. She traces her desire to work with animals to the time when she was a young girl and watched Animal Cops on TV. The stories of animals in need always “tugged at her heart”. “I have known since then that animals are my passion and I wanted to help them in some way.” Hailee did not just sit back and wait; she jumped right in when she saw a need. Following a visit to a humane society, Hailee saw a dog in need of surgery but due to lack of funds was destined for euthanasia. “It broke my heart, and I started raising money the very next day.”

Hailee began her official career working with animals in the boarding/doggy daycare field. After 5 years she had a strong desire to expand her knowledge and make more of an impact on the lives of animals. Recently, Hailee has decided to increase her knowledge of animal care by enrolling in the San Juan technician program and is studying to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She gives credit to her fiancé, friends, and family for pushing her to pursue her passion and encouraging her on the way.

Hailee recently bought her first house and shares it with her fiancé and their two dogs, Kaci and Zen.

Hailee admits she is a homebody at heart, but she greatly enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring the wonders of nature, watching movies, or getting lost in a book. “I love to explore new places but being home to snuggle up with my pups and a good book is my favorite place to be!”