Help us with the veterinary medical care in Turks & Caicos!

The Brook-Falls team is giving back to the homeless dogs and cats in Turks & Caicos by providing spay and neuters for those animals in need.

Not only do the DVMs and some of the team travel to Turks & Caicos to assist the TCSPCA with veterinary medical care, but Brook-Falls Veterinary also donates a portion of every exam to the organization.

Dr. Bloss, Dr. Kase, and Dr. Barajas, and other Brook-Falls team volunteer at the Turks and Caicos Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TCSPCA) and Potcake Place Dog Rescue. There are many stray dogs and cats on the island, especially with Covid closing the veterinary clinic and TCSPCA for several months at the beginning of the epidemic.

Collar Was Embedded Into His Neck

Meet Connor, a stray potcake who was found with a puppy collar embedded into his neck. Dr. Kase, Karissa, and Nicki neutered him and removed the collar, and treated his wounds. He is very sweet and needs a home in the states. He is 44# and can be delivered right to the Milwaukee airport. Any takers for this sweet potcake?

16 Surgeries Today!

To the right, Dr. Barajas, Kara, and Dr. Thaw performed 1 cat neuter, 1 dog spay, and 4 dog neuters on their second surgery day.

This surgery team is already back home but missing the wonderful potcakes and people of Turks & Caicos! The puppy bags in the pictures below were made and donated by one of our awesome clients!.

Two great days at the TCSPCA Spay/Neuter clinic with Dr. Esteban Barajas, Kara Enge (Office Manager), and Dr. Olivia Thaw who assisted with the surgeries, they very kindly gave up two of their vacation days to volunteer at the TCSPCA.

Dr. Barajas and Kara Enge both work for Dr. Jenny Bloss at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc.

On this day, 7 cats were spayed, 3 cats were neutered, 5 dogs were neutered, 1 dog was spayed.

Pictured below is the second team from Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc. that traveled down to Turks & Caicos with Dr. Kase, Nicki CVT, and Karissa VA working real hard on a long day of surgeries.

Today, the team did 6 dog neuters, 4 dog spays, and the removal of an embedded dog collar. Quite the surgery day!

10-Week Old Kitten’s Paw Had to be Amputated.

This 10-week old kitten was found tied by its paw to a tree, which cut the blood supply off to its foot. Dr. Bloss amputated the front leg and the kitten is now doing well – she just needs a new home! She runs and plays, loves to snuggle, and has the loudest purr you have ever heard!

This sweet little kitten was adopted by someone locally and Dr. Bloss flew back from Turks & Caicos and brought the kitten with her.

(Courtesy of TCSPCPA)