Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Jennifer Bloss is a founding owner of Brook-Falls. She studied Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before being accepted into the University’s Veterinary School. At that time, the school didn’t have a formal exotics program, so Dr. Bloss spent a month of her senior year at the first exotics-only clinic in the country in Chicago. The experience she had laid the foundation for her mentoring other veterinary students interested in exotic animals.

Jennifer grew up in the Milwaukee area with her mother and two younger sisters. A shy child, she says that pets truly were her best friends! She grew up caring for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and gerbils. In 2007 she purchased Brook-Falls with Dr. Follett, where she practices veterinary medicine on a wide range of pets including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

Mentoring veterinary students and other veterinarians in exotic medicine and surgery is a particular passion for Dr. Bloss. Brook-Falls has hosted over 100 veterinary students for internships during their senior year. Foreign veterinarians have even visited Brook-falls to learn exotic animal medicine and surgery. Dr. Bloss also likes getting to know the client’s families and watching their pets and their children grow up. She is a past president of the Waukesha Veterinary Medical Association and has published articles in peer-reviewed veterinary journals.

Jennifer lives with her wonderful husband Ken who is very supportive of all the critters and veterinary students that have rotated through the house. They have two adult children and are soon to be empty nesters. The family has two rabbits Bunbun and Nugget, a quiet, older, oversized Chihuahua named Bosco, a crazy overactive young boxer cross named Toula, a feisty cat named Steve the Monkey, and Hermie “the horrible”, a white-capped Pionus parrot who rules the roost.

When time permits, Dr. Bloss enjoys running, traveling, cooking, and spending time on the water with her entire family. She’s also been a Sunday school teacher, a Boy Scout Explorer Post Leader, and a regular lecturer who loves teaching kids of all ages about the wonderful careers available in veterinary medicine.