RoninRoninWhile in Turks, my 2 girls and I went to the Potcake Place K-9 Rescue to volunteer. The island has dogs running all over which keep breeding causing litters and litters of puppies. The Potcake Place started this rescue to help get the puppies home all over the world. They can have around 100 puppies at their facility at any given time. All of the people that work there are volunteers. They work closely with another organization that catches the stray dogs and then spays and neuters them.

Dr. Jennifer Bloss and I actually spayed 2 and neutered 1 while I was there. At the rescue while we were there, they had about 30 potcake puppies (that is what they call them on the island). They are basically just mixed breed dogs. They got their name because the locals fed the dogs the caked remains of the cooking pot. The rescue bathes all the puppies everyday, then people staying on the island stand in line to volunteer to walk the puppies to offer them socialization.

My girls and I went on Friday to help out and the girls went on Monday while I worked at the clinic with Dr. Bloss. On Friday we bathed all of the puppies, then got to take one out for a walk. Well, the hole that Rufus left in our hearts was very large, so we decided to adopt a potcake puppy!

Welcome to the Gross clan, Ronin! Lexie's friend also adopted a potcake puppy, so we got to bring 2 puppies back with us on the airplane! So while the girls and I had tons of fun on this trip, we got to help out so many animals while we were there! It really was an amazing trip!

Ronin with his family on the beach

Thank you so much Dr. Bloss for giving the girls and I this wonderful opportunity! If you want to learn more about The Potcake Place, go to

- Jennie Gross, Ronin's Mommy