Isadora is a young female leopard gecko (and former Humane Society Miss March). She came to see Dr. Munyon back in June for her wellness…but she also had a decreased appetite for a week. On exam we couldn’t get a good feel of her coelom (internal cavity) so we performed an ultrasound. This showed 3 follicles (pre-eggs) on her ovaries and one had an abnormal appearance suggestive of inflammation. We discussed that we may get Isadora to resorb the follicles or ovulate them so they will become eggs. She was started on antibiotics and given a nest box. Over time her appetite improved but she began “splooting” very often. The sploot would be her laying with her belly flat on the ground and sticking her legs out. We assessed the follicles again at a follow up visit and they had not changed. We changed her to a different antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. While her appetite remained good the splooting continued and she began to shed almost constantly. When we checked again her follicles looked more inflamed and an ovariectomy was recommended.

An ovariectomy is removing the ovaries and the attached follicles. As Isadora’s condition was not improving, we proceeded with the surgery. On surgery day she was heavily sedated. We placed an endotracheal tube (an 18g IV catheter!) and anesthetized her. We opened her coelom and found 3 LARGE follicles. As we handled them we found out that they didn’t contain yolk like usual, but a large amount of pus! All 3 follicles and both of her ovaries were removed. Her coelom was closed up and she was woke up. She recovered over the next few days but then was back to her normal appetite. She quickly was over her activity restriction and feeling great! Her sutures will be removed in a few weeks and she’ll be back to her normal gecko routine.