Dr. Stephanie Munyon

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Munyon grew up in northern Illinois and has always loved animals. Growing up, she was fascinated with ZooBooks, Ranger Rick, and Animal Planet. This fascination led her to pursue school to help animals herself. She attended the University of Illinois for animal science and Iowa State University for veterinary medicine. She has also participated in externships with VCA South shore and the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. Her career focus is to work with all kinds of animals, helping them all live the longest and happiest life possible by providing them with exceptional care.

Dr. Munyon’s animal family comprises a wide range of species. Petra is a greyhound and a former racer from Florida. She loves snuggles, sweaters, and zoomies. Fae is a domestic short hair “dumpster kitten”. She loves snuggles, kitten parkour, and torturing Petra. Matilda is a lop mix and a Halloween shelter rabbit. She loves fennel, chewing on things she shouldn't, and cheek rubs. Peridot is a ball python and a pet store dropout. She loves the warmth of any kind and interior decorating. Samwise is a leopard gecko that was adopted. He loves his hobbit hole and mealworms. Grainne (Grahn-yah), is a jumping spider. She loves sleeping in flowers and exploring.

Dr. Munyon enjoys crochet, drawing, board games, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and cooking during her downtime.