Dr. Choi Mentored at Brook-Falls

For two weeks in February, Brook-Falls became a teaching hospital for a veterinarian and his technician from South Korea. They traveled across the globe to our hospital to learn avian medicine. Sadly, there are no avian veterinarians in South Korea. Bird owners need to take a ferry to Japan to find care for their birds. Dr. Choi and his technician Sunmin watched and performed avian physical examinations, blood draws, anesthesia, radiographs, beak trims, nail trims, and wing trims. They stayed at Dr. Bloss’s house and got 24 hour round the clock coaching and mentoring. We thank our clients who volunteered their birds for Dr. Choi and Sunmin to handle and examine. A highlight of the visit was the Korean food buffet they made for the hospital employees on their last day! Dr. Choi and Sunmin left Brook-Falls with abundant knowledge of birds and have already started to see parrots in Seoul. Brook-Falls gained a partner in the avian field and a life long friendship with our fellow avian lovers across the globe. Good luck Dr. Choi!