Do you sew, crochet, or knit? Do you have spare fabric or yarn to donate? Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care is sounding the alarm and asking the community to help Australia. The entire and taking its wildlife with it. The raging fires have killed and taken down acres of treasured trees and plants.

With no end in sight for the fires, the Australian people are fleeing their homes, and native animals are trying to get to safety as well. The amount of wildlife that has been lost is incomprehensible, and those that are left need your help.

How You Can Help


Brook-Falls is gathering supplies to help Australian animals. Clean, soft, and good quality fabric made of natural fibers are needed. Material such as cotton, cotton knit (like t-shirt fabric), linen, canvas, flannel, wool, fleece, muslin, duck, etc. is best. Look through your linen closet – old pillowcases and sheets are perfect if you’d like to donate a few.

The fabric will be used to make pouches for joeys (baby kangaroos), possum, and sugar gliders; knit bags for bird’s nests; possum boxes; onesies for kittens; mittens for burned paws of koalas; animal sweaters, and more. Well-worn t-shirts can be recycled into pouches as well.

Synthetic fabrics or blends that may pill are not desirable because the animals may chew or suck on the pills, making them sick. Any print is fine! The animals won’t mind living in a floral, striped, or plaid pouch. (click on the photo below for an updated pdf of what is needed the most for Australia’s wildlife).

Help Australian Wildlife

What About Yarn?

Just like fabric, the best yarn to donate is wool, bamboo, or cotton. Nothing knobby or glittery can be used because the animals may chew on the fibers and become ill. However, any colors will be welcome. The kangaroos, dogs, and cats won’t mind wearing brightly colored sweaters! They’ll be happy to be safe and warm.

Can’t Sew or Knit?

That’s ok! Donating fabric, yarn, or offering a monetary donation is sincerely appreciated. Every bit helps. Please drop your donations at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc, located at N48 W14850 W. Lisbon Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Brook Falls Location

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The animals of Australia and Brook-Falls thank you for your kindness.

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