What are the benefits of doggy daycare? While it is not for every dog, there can be significant benefits to taking your canine companion(s) to doggy daycare. It can be beneficial for both outgoing, high-energy breeds that crave attention and physical exercise and those that need to work on socialization and need help with positive interactions with people and other dogs.

Doggy daycare provides your canine family members with physical exercise, socialization, and training in a supervised environment. Using a professional daycare that offers many services for different personalities and different types of dogs can be beneficial. The benefits are not only for the pet but for the owners as well. A pet that is well exercised and experiences an is a happier and better-adjusted family member.

Doggy Daycare is Safe, Fun and Cage-Free at Brook-Falls

For many pets in doggy daycare, participation is helpful to alleviate boredom, loneliness, anti-social behaviors and can offer a safe, interactive, fun, and cage-free outlet. Not to mention, most dogs will love it!

Dogs are typically dropped off at daycare for either half-day or whole-day care. Many dog breeds are designed for a specific purpose: hunting, herding, pulling, sprinting, etc.

They build up energy and need mental and physical stimulation every day. Controlled playtime with other dogs of similar size and personality will ensure that your dog gets the desired activity for his/her specific needs and that it is done safely. Owners report that dogs are usually pleasantly tired and ready to relax for the rest of the evening after a full day at doggy daycare.

Dog Owners Can Work or Play Knowing their Dog is Not Alone

If you have to work later than you expected, you may worry about leaving your cherished companion at home waiting for you well past dark. Or, you might make social plans after work which might extend the amount of time your dog is alone. If your dog is in doggie daycare, they can remain in good hands until you are ready to pick them up. You will not have to worry about your dog waiting to be let out or being alone all day long while you are busy.

Doggy Daycare Beneficial Puppies

Another benefit of doggy daycare is the socialization and training it can offer- especially for young dogs. Puppies need socialization and have a short time window for optimal success. They need to be exposed to multiple environments, people, and new situations to develop into well-rounded pets and excellent family companions.

With so many people being home during the global pandemic and locked down, lots of puppies miss out on that crucial time frame of socialization and do not know how to be alone. Daycare and training classes are a great way to help your puppy to socialize, prevent separation anxiety, and help your puppy to learn to work and play well with others.

Puppies First Three Months of Life Will Shape Their Future

The puppy’s first three months of life will permanently shape his/her future temperament and personality. These first few months will mold how he/ she will react to their environment as an adult. Starting socialization and training in these first few months of life as early as eight weeks is crucial for them to learn to socialize with people and other animals.

A puppy that has already been exposed to various people, places, smells, noises, handling, textures, and situations is a great starting point. Doggy daycare and training offers all of these things and is an excellent place for your puppy to get out and meet new people and animals in a safe and supervised area with trained professionals.

Doggy Daycare Helps Socialize Puppies

Puppies that are not socialized may develop fears of everyday environmental and social situations if not exposed to them. Some dogs may be fearful of children or anxious about being in the car, or become aggressive when other dogs are seen on the street. Proper socialization with other people and pets allows the pet to encounter these situations in a safe environment that allows positive acclimation to new signs, sounds, smells, and people. Having a well-adjusted puppy will serve as the guide for the puppy throughout its life and help prevent behavioral issues in the future.

Expose Your Puppy to Positive Experiences

Taking your puppy to doggy daycare allows them to meet all the trainers and team at the resort or daycare facility. This will help with confidence around new people and new situations and expose them to a positive experience after a ride in the car. It will also expose them to other dogs of various breeds, sizes, and ages. Often dogs will learn manners from other dogs, and exposing them to other dogs at a young age can help prevent fear or aggression towards other dogs. Going to daycare will also expose dogs to various surfaces like Astroturf, slick floors, soft floors, and various toys to play on. It will also introduce them to new sounds like other dogs barking and howling, cleaning machinery like vacuums, clickers, whistles, etc. Exposing dogs and especially puppies to a large variety of stimuli can help to reduce stress in the future and make your pet more comfortable with new stimuli.

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare Vs. In-Home Services

Doggy daycare is an excellent option for the safety of your pet. It ensures professionals are watching over your fur babies without needing someone to enter your home. While there can always be issues with rough play and injuries, incidences are far less in a well-supervised environment where trainers are experienced with animal behavior and can help prevent altercations between pets. It is also affordable compared to at-home services, and your dog will be happy to get out of the house!

Well run doggy daycare facilities have health and medical requirements for all their attendees. This ensures safe playtime for your pups. Off-leash dog parks are rapidly growing in popularity, and they do provide dogs with an opportunity to exercise, play fetch, and socialize with other dogs, which is great!

However, there are often no requirements for prior veterinary care which means that your dog may be interacting with dogs that are not up to date on vaccines or parasite prevention. Dogs at these parks may be exposed to more fleas, ticks, and mosquitos carrying diseases like Lyme, Anaplasma, intestinal parasites, and heartworms. Some of these parasites that infect animals cannot only infect your pet but also pose a risk to transmission to other human family members. Intestinal parasites like roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms can potentially be spread to humans. Daycare facilities require up-to-date vaccinations, parasite screening tests, and up-to-date flea/tick and heartworm preventatives.

Pets are also screened to determine if they are compatible and can safely play with other dogs. There is no such screen at most dog parks. Altercations can be severe and even life-threatening if an animal is unfriendly in an uncontrolled environment. This is another reason why daycare may be the best fit for your furry babies.

Doggy Daycare Provides Stimulation and Fun

Daycare attendants provide diligent oversight to ensure that all dogs have a stimulating, fun, and safe experience with their dog friends without the physical restraints of barriers or crates. Play sessions are interspersed with quiet time and nap time when dogs have the opportunity to take a break and rest and be on their own. Like all kids, nap time can be a big part of daycare as the actual experience. Letting your pet rest and allowing them time to relax can help prevent overstimulation and play aggression that can be seen. Giving your dog a diverse place to socialize can be very helpful for appropriate development.

The Benefits of a Doggy Daycare Spa

Daycare can often also be combined with ancillary services to help make sure your pet is healthy and that they smell wonderful!

Many daycare facilities offer bathing, brushing, nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expressions. These services can be an excellent way to make sure that your pet not only had a good day of exercise and burned some calories and energy but to make sure they smell nice afterward as well. Good bathing practices and upkeep can be a great service to keep your pet in tip-top shape.

Again, while daycare is not for every pet, it can be a great way to help your pet live their best life! They will get socialization, training, interactions with other people, places, and surfaces and get a little exercise in the process. With both human and animal obesity being an increasing problem in the last decade, it is essential to consider ways to keep your pet physically and mentally exercised.

The benefits of doggy daycare can be great for those who need to get moving more, be active, and when owners do not have the time or ability to help keep their pet exercised to the extent they need. Exercise is a way to enrich your pet’s body, mind, and release and hopefully, help them rest a little better at night when they are home with the family.

How to Find the Right Doggy Daycare

With so many options for daycare, it is essential to find the right facility, caring team, trainers, and location that is best for your canine family member. Make sure to find out about the facilities, the team, and what is involved in your daycare to make sure your pet is getting the most out of the situation.

Make sure your daycare gives you on your pet and how they are doing and if they are enjoying daycare. The goal is to have your pet feel enriched in a safe place that they can be themselves. A place where they can be active and be happy!

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