A Canine Personality Profile must be completed for each dog prior to his/her scheduled Enrichment Evaluation. Complete responses assist us in the evaluation process. There are no right or wrong answers as all dogs are unique.
Owner Information
Dog’s Information
General Household Information
Other Pets in Household
What restrictions of activity/movement does your dog require?
Indicate the overall activity level of exercise that best describes your pet’s exercise routine:
Training and Socialization
Known Commands:
Indicate the overall level of interaction that best describes your pet’s socialization:
Were the other dogs:
Check any responses you have witnessed your dog display as a reaction to meeting another dog:
How does your dog greet a visitor/guest entering your home or yard?
Check any of the following traits your dogs has acted negatively to:
Behavior and Environment
To best determine the appropriate play group for your dog, please select three options that best describes your dog’s personality
Check any of the following areas your dog has problems and describe:
Where is your dog primarily kept?
Where does your dog sleep? Check all that apply