Dr.  Harpreet Singh
DVM, Board Certified Surgeon

Consulting Surgeon

Dr. Harpreet Singh is consulting with Brook-Falls so we can care for your pet here in house rather than referring you to a different hospital and allows us to schedule procedures for our clients in a timelier fashion!

Dr. Harpeet Singh moved to Wisconsin in 1996 and resided in Milwaukee for 7 years. He attended Sholes Middle School and Rufus King High School. He then moved and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for both Undergraduate and Veterinary School. To pursue his passion of surgery he entered the MATCH program and landed in Boston for a 1-year doing Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Internship at Tufts University. He was invited to stay on for an additional 3-year residency to specialize in the field of Small Animal Surgery. Dr. Singh finished his studies in 2015 and became board certified in the beginning of 2016. He then relocated back to Madison and practiced at a multispecialty referral hospital for 6 years. He started with Veterinary Surgery Specialists full time in 2021 and continues to perform surgeries with us in the southeast region of Wisconsin. If you want to learn more about Dr. Singh you can find more information here.