Veterinary Assistant

Harley, hailing from Central California, is a compassionate individual with a deep-rooted commitment to the well-being of animals. After graduating from Northern Arizona University, Harley found inspiration to work with animals after providing at-home triage for her furry companion following a skirmish. While stabilizing her pet, Harley realized her thirst for more knowledge in animal care.

At home, Harley shares her space with a lively bunch, including two German Shepherds, Verbena and Valerian, who engage in epic WrestleMania sessions. Additionally, three cats—Beauregard, ColbyJack, and Tiberius—create a household symphony with their unique vocal contributions.

Harley would like to take a moment to recognize and acknowledge her husband, George.  Harley appreciates his patience and ever-loving support.

In her downtime, Harley channels her creativity into running two Dungeons and Dragons tables.