Client Service Representative

Stephanie, known as Effy, hails from Muskego and began her education at UW-Milwaukee before prioritizing family responsibilities. Fueled by a love for animals and a passion for helping others, Stephanie found her calling in working with pets, appreciating the unique personalities they bring.

Motivated by a genuine desire to assist others, Stephanie goes above and beyond in her approach to pet care, always seeking ways to help those in need.

At home, she shares her life with two spirited feline companions, Khoshekh (7 years) and Kibbeh (11 months), who bring joy and chaos with their playful antics.

Stephanie's support team includes her husband, Ramzi, and her best friend, Jay, both playing pivotal roles in cheering her on and providing unwavering support.

In her downtime, Stephanie channels her creativity into making digital art, engaging in crafts, and indulging in her love for Dungeons & Dragons—activities that bring joy and fulfillment to her life