Dog Grooming at Brook-Falls Luxury Grooming Salon in Menonomee Falls, WI

At Brook-Falls every visit to our luxury salon will begin with a full consultation to asses your pet's unique grooming needs! We are able to professionally handle all dog types, from senior dogs to anxious and feisty personalities. All our prices include a thorough bath, nail clipping, blow dry, anal gland expression (if required), brushing, ear cleaning and all the special finishing touches such as bows and bandanas and a spritz of special cologne! 


Dog Grooming in Menonomee Falls, WI  Dog Grooming in Menonomee Falls, WI

When To Start Grooming

Most dog owners wait until their dog is older to take them in for their first grooming appointment because at a young age and smaller size they feel it is manageable to do at home, however a puppy's first visit should be at 3-4 months of age at a professional groomer. This way your puppy is exposed to correct and positive grooming by a professional groomer at a young age and helps your dog adapt to getting groomed with confidence instead of fear. 

How Often Should A Dog Be Groomed

Grooming should be done approximately every 6 weeks, but as a general rule, the longer the hair, the more often your dog will need to be groomed. Many people tend to skip grooming in the winter months because they think that longer hair will help keep their dogs warm, but without proper brushing, hair can become matted and tangled and will not help to keep your dog warm or comfortable. In fact, matted hair keeps skin from being able to breath and prevents your dog from being able to regulate their body temperature - whether that is to keep warm in the winter, or cool in the summer. Keep in mind grooming does not always mean trimming or shaving, but is meant to maintain your dog's coat and a well maintained coat often means you can keep your dog fluffy year round! 

Benefits Of Grooming

Professional grooming doesn't just help your dog look, smell and feel terrific, it can also be helpful in detecting any problems with your dog's health. Your professional groomer will get to know your dog well and will be able to let you know of any changes in your dog's skin condition, any lumps, bumps, ear infections or dental problems that you may need to be aware of. 

Full Service Grooming Includes:

Every grooming service will include being bathed twice with a cleansing shampoo, blown out with a high velocity dryer (depending on each individual dog's tolerance), brushed out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and/or plucked, and anal glands depending on your dog's needs. Haircut services include all of the above plus a personalized haircut of your choice. 

  • Bathing - All dogs are bathed in natural  products that are safe for your pet and the environment.          

  • Hand drying - Dogs are never dried in a drying unit that can overheat.

  • Brush out (unless excessively matted)

  • Nail trimming 

  • Ear cleaning and plucking of hair if requested

  • Hair cut - Clipped and hand scissored to breed standard or the way you like it.

  • Anal gland expression - only done by request

  • Trimming of eyes, pads and sanitary area appropriate to the breed.


  • Nail grinding: A device used to buff out any sharp edges leftover from nail trimming. Especially recommended for dogs with long nails, but a great way to keep nails from being sharp for all dogs.

  • Teethbrushing: An enzymatic toothpaste is used to brush your dog's teeth along with an enzymatic breath spray to help with doggie breath. (Not to be substituted for serious dental work).  

  • Conditioner: Just like us, using a shampoo without following up with a conditioner can lead to dry, flaky skin and itchy pups. Recommended for dogs with skin dryness and irritation, but can be useful for all dogs. 

  • De-matting: An alternative to shaving out tangled or matted fur. Prices will vary depending on the amount of time needed. Groomer discretion will be used to determine if de-matting is an option. 

  • De-shedding: A treatment used to help remove trapped undercoat. Includes a deep-coat conditioner and extra brushing. Not recommended for every fur type. 

  • Nail Painting: Toenail paint on either the front paws or all four with a variety of different fun colors to choose from! Pet safe and ultra cute. 

  • Fur Coloring: A great way to make your dog stand out! Whether it's just a pop of color or a whole masterpiece, this is sure to bring your groom to the next level!