This is NOT A CONFIRMATION OF LODGING DATES. I agree and understand that this is not a reservation until a Brook-falls team member has contacted me with confirmation of lodging dates for my pet within 72 hours of submitting these pre-lodging forms.

Please acknowledge the statement above
Records & Requirements
Brook-Falls Vet has my current records or I will get Brook-Falls my records within 48 hours for them to review and see if I am missing any information.
I understand my pet must meet all health requirements prior to participating in any activities at Brook-Falls Vet for the safety of all guests
Check In Date & Time Request

PLEASE NOTE: This is a request only. You will be contacted shortly by a representative to schedule the actual time for the interview.

Closed Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Early check out: Pick up your pet before 10:00am and you will not incur that day’s charge!

*Services by appointment only. We cannot guarantee services that are not scheduled by appointment.*

Weekdays 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Sunday 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Not available on Holidays.
Cat Accommodations
Personal Information
Owner Name
Emergency Contact Name
Name of Person Picking Up, If Different Than Owner
Pet Information
Guest’s Name
  •   *Please note that Brook-Falls is not responsible for items that may be lost, chewed, or damaged during your pet’s stay.
Medication/Supplement Instructions
Known medical problems or aliments
Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Pet’s Likes and or Dislikes
Medical Services Requested During Lodging
I request the following medical services on my pet while they are lodging at Brook-Falls
Please administer the following Flea/Tick Prevention

*Cost dependent upon pet’s weight

Medical Services Signature (Name)
Flea/ Tick Prevention

Veterinary prescribed Flea/ Tick prevention is required in order to be admitted into lodging suites. By signing this below, I attest that I have administered the prevention prescribed and purchased from my veterinarian. Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort is not responsible for any fleas and/or ticks found as a result of my pets boarding and I am financially responsible for any treatment necessary.

Flea/ Tick Prevention Signature (Name)
Medical Care

If a guest becomes ill while boarding, Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort will attempt to contact the owner or the provided emergency contact immediately. In the event the owner or emergency contact cannot be reached and the pet requires emergency treatment, Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc will treat the pet and the owner will assume full financial responsibility under the guidelines authorized below.

Please choose only one option
Medical Care Signature (Name)
Pet Health Care Assurance Plan

The Pet Health Care Assurance (PHCA) option is available to lodging guests for a daily fee. PHCA will reimburse up to $300 in eligible veterinary expenses for illnesses or injuries that occur due to your pet’s stay. For full details, please refer to our Pet Health Care Assurance handout.

Pet Health Care Assurance
Pet Health Care Assurance Signature (Name)
Eligible Expenses and Coverage Include
  • • Diagnostic and/or treatment expenses provided by a licensed veterinarian that are directly related to an illness or injury that arises during their stay at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort. This includes illnesses or injuries that arise during your pet’s stay, or that become evident up to 72 hours after your pet is checked out from our facility.
     Please note, if you opt out of the PHCA, you will be charged for these services if rendered.
    • All guests are monitored closely for early signs of stress; not eating, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
    • If a pet does not eat within a 24-hour period, we will offer a high-quality wet food to entice them to eat.
    • If a pet has diarrhea or vomits due to anxiety, we will follow our GI Protocol that includes medication and a bland diet. Once the GI upset is under control, we gradually transition them back to their regular diet.
    • If a pet needs to be quarantined and cannot play with his/her fur friends, we will substitute one on one playtime, as appropriate, to keep your pet happy and engaged.
    • We will also launder any soiled toys and bedding and give our guests spot baths if needed to maintain a healthy and clean environment. The cost of all these protocols are included in our PHCA.
Ineligible Expenses and Exclusions
  • • Pre-existing conditions or illnesses or injuries sustained by the pet before arriving at Brook-Falls Luxury Pet Resort
    • Injury, illness or consequence when pets are lodged together at the client’s request.
    • Injury or illness caused by items that you bring (e.g., new food, treats, medication or chew bones causing GI upset, chewing their own bed/blanket or toys.)
    • Tracheal Bronchitis is not covered if the dog was not current on the required Bordetella and Bivalent Flu Vaccines or did not receive the required Bordetella and Bivalent Flu Vaccines at least 7 days prior to boarding.
    • Injury or consequence while the dog is in the hands of the client or authorized agent, while the dog is on our property.
    • Gastric Torsion Dilation Syndrome (BLOAT)
    • Any self-inflicted injuries, (e.g., broken teeth from biting at gates or doorways, broken toenails from jumping on gates or doorways, self-mutilation due to stress or attempts to escape, etc.)
    • Natural disasters.
    • Pets with Diabetes Mellitus are not eligible.
    • Injuries obtained while the dog is attending Enrichment.
Feline Health Requirements
  • Feline - cats must be at least 12 weeks old for lodging Annual exam by a veterinarian
    DCR (distemper)
    Felv (cats less than 1 yr of age)
    Negative FELV/FIV testing at least once, but yearly for cats that go outdoors
    Annual negative fecal test
    Show proof of purchase of a veterinary approved flea/tick product or we can administer this for an additional fee
Heath Requirements
Add on Amenities requested (note: only one add-on amenity per day)

Pet and Purr time/Enrichment activity (15min) (per day)

Holiday Meal - seasonal (per meal)

Healthy Hills T/D treats

Tuna or Chicken Snack (per snack)

TLC Package

Includes: 15min individual playtime, healthy hills t/d treat and a snack

Bath/brush/nail trim/ear cleaning/external anal gland expression
Nail Trim