Practice Manager

Megan Fassbinder is the Practice Manager at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital. She grew up in Randolph, WI and currently lives in West Bend. During her school years, Megan enjoyed traveling and playing sports – especially volleyball and basketball. When she studied Business Management and Organizational Communication at UW – Eau Claire, she had the opportunity to live in Scotland for four months during a study abroad program.

Megan is excited to work at Brook-Falls because it’s important for her to be active in the local community. She aspired to support a small business in her area, and here she is!

She and her husband Ross get lots of pleasure from being active with their dog, Luna. They go camping together and hike throughout the state. Megan and Ross love watching their beloved Luna learn about the world.

Early in her career, Megan became interested in business management by facilitating training opportunities. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and assisting others in achieving their career potential. In the past, she worked in corporate settings but is excited to be managing a smaller, private business.

As the Practice Manager, she thrives on building relationships with the team. She greatly enjoys training and organizational development as well. In her role, she can support her coworkers and create initiatives to streamline their work and benefit the entire business.

In her free time, Megan and her husband visit local farmer’s markets and explore restaurants and events in the West Bend community. They stay active by going camping in the summer and traveling in the winter. Megan also loves to garden and preserve fruits and vegetables in the summer. You’ll regularly find her at a cooking class or a book club in the evening. She’s always learning new skills and recently joined her church choir.