Veterinary Assistant

Mallory grew up in New Berlin, WI in a family of five including her older brother and twin sister. Mallory has always been the animal lover in her family. She credits this to her grandmother and great-aunt, who taught her the power of empathy for animals. This love led her to her current position as a Veterinary Assistant at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

Mallory has spent her entire career caring for animals, from her early day’s pet sitting for neighbors to working in doggie daycare. Her favorite part of her job is hearing pet owners talk about how much they love their animals. She also enjoys learning about animal behavior. She currently attends the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Mallory has a cat named Oliver and a kitten named Onyx. Oliver hates seafood and can sense when someone is sad. Onyx is terrified of everything except playing mice games on the iPad. When she’s not playing with her cats, Mallory enjoys working out and hiking.