Veterinary Assistant

Originally from Franklin, Tennessee, Karissa now lives in Menomonee Falls.

Ever since taking a biology class in 9th grade and working on a rat cadaver named Petunia Karissa new she wanted to be in the veterinary field. Petunia sparked her love for biology, surgeries, and doing all that she could to learn more and to help animals. Karissa completely loves the science aspect of working in the veterinary field.

When Karissa was two years old, she acquired a cat named Juliana. Juliana died when Karissa was 16 years old. The experience of losing Juliana was devastating; however, it was also the very moment that she decided to pursue her career in helping animals and their owners through the good and bad times.

In pursuit of her professional career in veterinary medicine, Karissa started her journey at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. While in school she shadowed at various veterinary clinics and worked at some of the humane societies. When she moved back to Menomonee Falls, she was given the opportunity to work hands-on with the team at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc.

As a veterinary professional, Karissa especially enjoys surgeries. She’s mesmerized when observing the veterinarian perform surgery which profoundly inspires her to work harder to help animals. Karissa also enjoys cytology’s, looking through the microscope and trying to figure out if what she is seeing is normal or if something is wrong. Karissa says that watching the cells move is cool!

Karissa has a dog, two cats, and a bunny. Dixie is her four-year-old rescue dog who goes every with her. Ollivander, the cat, named from Harry Potter never stops following her and the escape artist cat Finnigan who she rescued from the cold 2016 winter. Lola, Karissa’s bunny loves cuddling in bed and eating carrots.

Karissa enjoys reading and loves everything about the outdoors. She likes hiking, boating, kayaking, and fish.