Business Manager

Growing up in West Allis with her family, Jennie Gross was always around pets and she aspired to be a dolphin trainer when she grew up. She remembers loving to tag along with her parents to the vet’s office and loved learning about how to care for all different types of animal species. She was also put in charge of the class turtle in 6th grade!

Jennie’s veterinary career started when she worked at a pet store. When she learned of the Veterinary Technician program at Madison Area Technical College, she knew it would be right up her alley. She graduated from the program and then passed her state board exam.

Client education is one of Jennie’s favorite parts of her job—she loves to spread the knowledge that she learned in school and through continuing education. Being a part of Brook-Falls since day one of opening, she enjoys inventory and everything that goes along with it. She is responsible for ordering all of the food, supplies, and medications for the daily operations of the facility. She also does the scheduling for all of the staff at the veterinary hospital as well as the pet resort. She has several other responsibilities for the hospital but also enjoys helping out wherever and whenever she is needed throughout the entire facility. Her favorite part about working at Brook-Falls is the close relationships that she has made in the management team that allows them all to make sure that each Brook-Falls team members' needs are met. She loves that being a part of the Brook-Falls team means, we will be there for each other whenever needed and it feels more like we are a family rather than just co-workers.

Jennie has been married to her husband Dave since August 2000. They have two daughters, Lexie (who works at the pet resort) and Nadia (who is dying to work at the pet resort once she is old enough). The family lives on a 7-acre hobby farm with their two rescue cats (Groot and Stan Lee), 4 rescue dogs (Rufus, “One-Eyed” Willie, Jarvis, and Bucky), a rescue rabbit (Ralph), 2 Guinea Pigs (Natasha and Yelena) 3 Pigmy/Nigerian dwarf goats (Hermione, Harry & Ron) and a leopard gecko (Venom).

Family is extremely important to Jennie, so she loves to spend as much time with them as possible. She loves to just hang out with them playing cards or going on trips together.