Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Tym grew up in Green Bay, WI and she currently resides in Bristol. As a child, her relationship with her own animals inspired her to pursue becoming a veterinarian. Additionally, Steve Irwin was an animal advocate that further inspired and motivated her to want to visit Australia and help animals as a veterinarian. Dr. Tym attended undergraduate at the University of Minnesota Crookston and then the veterinary school at the University of Sydney Australia to pursue her passion to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Tym enjoys working with a variety of creatures that inspire her to learn something different about them each day. Each creature has a unique personality that can teach us something. Her compassion and love for animals motivate her every day to go above and beyond in patient care and to provide them with the best care possible.

Currently, she owns three cats, two dogs, and one guinea pig. Her two dogs are named Kahlua (AKA "Kali"; 4 years old, favorite thing to do is chasing a laser light) and Sydney (6 years old, favorite thing to do: getting belly rubs). Her three cats are Jack (5 years old, favorite thing to do is cuddle), Parker (5 years old, favorite thing to do is playing with her younger "sister"), and Louie Myra (3 years old, favorite thing to do is play with any of her crinkly toys). Her guinea pig is Echo (age unknown but older gentleman, favorite thing to do is burrow in his hay pile). In the past, she has owned several rabbits as well. Her parents, Brian and Lisa, and two sisters, Rebecca and Vanessa, have been her biggest supporters in helping her to purse her career as a veterinarian. In her down time Dr. Tym enjoys hiking, camping, reading, and hanging out with family and/or friends.