Associate Veterinarian

At 2.5 years old I had the opportunity to bottle-feed a fawn at a rehabilitation center and this spurred my interest in all species and learning what I can about each one of them. This curiosity is still a reason that drives my passion for learning about animals today.

Why I Chose This Profession:
I like how unique each species is and enjoy learning about these diffrences while being able to apply companion medicine to identify illnesses and treat all animals.

Favorite Part of My Job:
Educating clients on the importance of proper husbandry and nutrition so their animals can live long health lives.

Personal Hobbies/Interests:
Gardening and sharing produce with family and friends. Quilting and home-brewing craft beers are winter favorite hobies. Playing board games and Magic the gathering (she took place at a red dragon inn board game tournament at GenCon.

3 cats that run the house Victoria ( tortose shell siamese cross), Inara (grey tabby), and Liliana (Snow-shoe). A hypomelanosis tangerine honduran snake milksnake (Incendio).