Pet Resort Attendant

Madeline grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. She was influenced at an early age by the likes of Steve Irwin and David Attenborough to want to help animals in any way possible. For her, she saw no other option than to live her life helping animals.

Madeline attended UW Milwaukee for psychology. During this time, her mother got her an opportunity as a dog walker to care for a number of animal species in between her classes. Besides dog walking, she also did pet sitting on the weekends. The idea of taking care of a client’s pet means to her that she is responsible for taking care of more than just animals, but rather taking the best care of very important family members. She does her best to take the absolute best care she can offer. Her favorite thing about working with animals is getting animals to trust her enough so she can get to know their unique personalities. It is fun for her to see just how different each animal’s personality truly is.

Currently, Madeline shares her life with 2 cats (Finn and Satan) and 1 dog (Atlas). Her 2 kitties love to be brushed and her dog Atlas loves to lay on the couch and chew on his favorite toys. Atlas joins mom at work from time to time to play with his canine friends in our doggy daycare.

In her downtime, Madeline loves to read and play video games. Both of these activities help her detach from reality and decompress from her busy day caring for fur family members.