Resort Attendant

Lexie is the daughter of our long-time certified veterinary technician – now business manager Jennie Gross. To say, Lexie’s life has been filled with animals is no exaggeration. Lexie and her human family share their home, a hobby farm, with a “zoo” of animals made up of 3 dogs – the gentle giant “Rufus”, cuddly “ Willie” and youthful “Jarvis”; 2 indoor rabbits – “Ralph” and “Rosalie”; 2 guinea pigs – “ Ben” and “Hansel”; the newest additions are 2 kittens – “Stan-Lee” and “ Groot”; 3 barnyard goats – “Ron”, “Harry” and “Hermione”; and “Petunia” – an indoor pot-bellied pig, who truly doesn’t know she’s a pig.

“My mom is a vet tech; I have always been around animals.” Lexie has developed a great love and respect for all animals. She has learned and takes pride in her ability to care for the various animals her family has owned during her lifetime; seeing to their daily needs and by helping her mom nurse the sick and injured animals on their farm and those in their large extended family. Lexie holds as one of her greatest achievements “the first time I was able to clip my guinea pigs’ nails on my own.”

Lexie also enjoys spending time with her family – including her younger sister, Nadia; playing volleyball and practicing on the flute.

Lexie is excited to finally being able to join our Pet Resort team. She is looking forward to being able to learn more about what each species of pets the resort cares for on a daily basis; this includes both their physical and emotional needs. She is happy she will be able to offer care and comfort to all the pets while their owners are away.

This is Lexie’s first job in the veterinary field and we’re sure it won’t be her last. If she’s anything like her mom – she’ll be employed here for life. That’s no lie! We’ll be blessed to have her, too.